Dakota Sky

I loved this movie. Find it and see it if you can. I think it might be on hulu plus. This is what you always hope to find when you take a chance on an indie movie. This movie has a superb script, great music, and talented actors.
1. What is the best part?
The romantic sweetness combined with the realism of nearing the end of highschool, with a dash of whimsy. The main character has a super power, and it is a very good one. This movie is sarcastic, and resonates truth. The characters grow, and I love when movie can accurately show realistic transformation.

2. Should I watch this with my sister? Boyfriend?
YES! She will love it. Jonah is so cute, and you can both swoon. Even with the superpower aspect, I have to admit that my boyfriend would probably not like it. If your guy loves indie flicks, then he might like it.

3. Truth?
This movie centers on truth and the distortion of truth that most people tell all the time. It focuses on the lies people tell, and the reasons they don’t. This concept permeates the film in an innovative way, and displays the levels of lies and how they relate to the main character’s apathy.

4. Did I like the music?
Yes. One of the main characters is in a band in the movie, they play about 3 songs.  Some of the music was done by The Mecry Kiss and Bay Dariz. They are the actual band onscreen plus the actor playing in the band.  
Two songs from the film that were awesome:
1. OneLineDrawing Crush On Everyone
2. My List by Jonah Matranga
5. Favorite quote?
There are a bunch of really amazing ones. But I have to go with this:

“I want to tell you that I like you. But I can't tell you that, can I? I want to tell you to forget about him. He's a great guy, the best, and he's my brother in everything but blood, and you two are good together, but I still want to tell you to tell him to fuck off and to be with me. I want to tell you that since the moment I met you I can't even get your face out of my brain. But I can't tell you that, that all I want right now in the world is to take you away with me. No him, no here, no this. Just us. If just for a day. You know? But I can't tell you that. I mean, you can't make me. I mean, what kind of a person would I be if I went and told you something like that?”


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