Imaginary Heroes

One of the best script movies ever! I love a good script. There are so many amazing lines in this movie, I feel like panic at the disco could write all their song titles for their next cd from this movie.

“Matt Travis was a great swimmer. But it wasn't just that he was a great swimmer, it was simply that he was greater at swimming than anyone I ever knew was good at whatever they were good at.”

This movie sticks with me. It has that lasting quality, and I want to re-watch it every so often. The piano music carries this film from one point to next, and culminates in a dramatic ending that is touching and impactful.  Each actor is at the top of their game.

5 questions answered?
1. This is an amazing cast. How many famous-ish people are in it?!?
·         Sigourney Weaver
·         Emile Hirsch
·         Jeff Daniels
·         Michelle Williams
·         Ryan Donowho- OK, he isn’t famous, but he should be!

2. What is this movie about with no very little spoilers?
This film shows the aftermath of the suicide of a brother/son. It reflects on the mistakes that were made in the past and the way the family moves forward, and discovers themselves. This is a very heavy topic that is handled with poised beauty and humor. I am serious. You will laugh and cry.

3. Why is this worth watching?
The script, acting, and music that propel the broken people and relationships into the healing process makes this a film that leaves an impression. It is captivating. You find yourself rooting for these characters with no effort.

Penny Travis: He's losing his mind.
Sandy Travis: Penny. Things fall apart. And we put them back together.

 4. What are two things I love in any movie that this one incorporates?
·         Dramatically running with a good intentions
·         When you think someone is going to punch someone else, and they hug them instead.
Love it! These two things, when done well, bring a smile to my face.

5. What is my favorite quote?
Penny Travis: Is there such a thing as the human heart, now there's the better question.
Tim Travis: Well, if you listen closely, you can hear 'em breaking.

Even though I spoiled 3 quotes, there are countless more incredible ones, I promise.


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