Ohhh Mumford. I love him and this movie. This is also an awesomely sarcastic, sweet, old fashioned kind of script movie. It has an ensemble cast that is very impressive, and I still quote this film years after watching it. If you are in the mood for a charming clever little film, please watch this.

5 questions answered:
1. What’s the roster look like?
·         Hope Davis
·         Alfre Woodard
·         Jason Lee
·         Zooey Deshanel (very young)
·         Jason Ritter
·         Ted Danson
·         Martin Short
·         Mary McDonnell- you will know her when you see her even if you don’t recognize the name.

Come on! Even Elizabeth Moss shows up for a second or two. Crazy!

2. Why is the movie so charming?
It is about a man that is trying to help a small town with their problems. People just always talk to him. I can relate to that. The clever script glues the cast together, and they give you reasons to like or dislike each of them. Jason Lee is hysterical in this movie. His inflections change a funny sentence, into a hilarious statement. The love that got pumped into this movie transfers through to you. 

3. Should you watch this movie with your mom?
Surprisingly no. It has all the good mother/daughter features a film could have, but there is one part that might embarrass you both. Unless you are very very close and talk about EVERYTHING together.

4. What Genre is this movie?
Like most of my favorite movies, it is not categorical. It is funny, but not a comedy completely. It is dramatic, but hardly. There are twists and turns, but most definitely not mystery or action. Just enjoy it.

5. One good quote:

“You know what this feels like? - When I was in high school the thing I wanted most when I was stuck in class, the thing that I was desperately in pursuit of, was a hall pass. That's all I ever wanted. I loved moving freely around the school while everybody else was trapped in there. That's how I feel right now. Like I have some giant - all day - hall pass.”


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